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Get Ready For The Big Day: Here’s A Complete Salon Reopening Checklist

June 02, 2021  |  4 Minute Read

salon reopening guidelines

We know you waited for too long and as we‘re coming closer to leading normal lives again, it’s time to introduce your salon business to the new reality – appearing stronger than ever! When will beauty salons reopen in my area? Sounds familiar, right? This is probably one of the most commonly frequently searched questions on Google over the last year.   

As a salon owner, you must be putting your heart and soul into preparing for a grand reopening, adapting the best practices to give your guest a safe, secure, and rejuvenating experience. Well, it’s not a one-man’s job to bring perfection to everything you do, from following salon reopening guidelines, offering the best promotions, satisfying client experiences to rewarding your staff. That’s when you need a helping hand, and we couldn’t be happier lending you one.

We’ve compiled some of the best salon reopening guidelines to help you get back in the business with a bang!

What are the rules for salon reopening?

Amidst these unprecedented times, first thing first, salons that are scheduled to reopen in the coming months should abide by the laws, and create a list of strict measures to keep the health and safety of their clients intact. 

The basic checklist consists of:

  • Keeping a proper sanitization process in place
  • Deep cleaning the premise in advance
  • Stocking up enough PPE kits for salon staff and clients
  • Make a strict mask policy mandatory
  • Ensure physical distancing between each styling station

Make a strong and successful come back utilizing the right tactics

Reopening your salon means entering the new normal, thus you need an offbeat strategy to adapt to the industry trends. We know that you’re ready to hit the ground, but it’s going to be a lot trickier than you imagined. Not only following health guidelines, but you also need to reach your clients through complex messaging. The best way out is to have salon management software to take the burden off your shoulders.

Here’s a salon reopening checklist for you to follow!

Show your staff that you care

Even if your business has been shut down due to lockdowns, never give up on your precious gems aka employees. Know that you need them and your business stands nowhere without your team. Things you need to take into consideration:

  • Have a conversation with your employees – discuss the reopening plan.
  • Make sure to be humble if any of your staff is going through a health condition.
  • Break down the new changes in services, strategies, or teams.
  • Be transparent about the financial scenarios of your business.

Make your appointment game stronger

Since it’s been quite some time that salons have been out of business, it might feel daunting to organize all your prebooked, postponed, and new appointments just in time for your salon’s reopening. Go the extra mile using appointment booking software to streamline all your leads in one place. Now, sit back and keep these vitals in mind:

  • Carefully take into consideration the following: your salon’s size, the volume of clients, and stylists available. It’s an efficient way to prioritize appointments that have been canceled due to the lockdown. 
  • Don’t forget to send out emails to your clients in advance about the reopening date. Designate your receptionist to reach out to each client. 
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your clients to rebook appointments following the first-come-first-serve approach. 
  • Keep a flexible cancellation policy that allows your clients to cancel before 24 hours.

Give your clients a safe and secure environment

There’s no doubt that people are already feeling anxious, stressed and a little overwhelmed during these times. As a salon owner, know that it’s your responsibility to make your clients feel safe and secure at the time of their visits. Take these precautions seriously:

  • Leave no surprises, schedule calls with your clients before the appointments to address any concerns or questions they might have.
  • If any changes take place, make sure to let your clients know that their appointments have been rescheduled or postponed. 
  • Send out pre-screening questionnaires to clients a day before their appointments to determine if they are in good health. 
  • Offer temperature check at the salon premise for each guest at the entrance.

Work on your schedules

Normal days are ahead, but the COVID-19 measures are here to stay. Therefore, create your staff and client booking schedule after carefully analyzing the necessary recommendation for the health and safety of the people visiting your salon. 

  • Limit the staff working in your salon, allocate rotating shifts to your stylists making sure there are no more than a limited number of employees working in the salon.
  • Maintain 2 metres distance between each styling station assuring that you’re following the social distancing rules. 
  • Extend your salon hours and days to cover all your pending appointments. 

Meet Milano Software - Your all-in-one appointment booking, scheduling and customer relationship management solution

Having a vision is good but making it a reality is even better, that’s when Milano comes in. Over the past 30 years, we’ve established reliable bonds with our clients, and are dedicated to continuing to bring you the best of best salon business management solutions to ease your post-pandemic return to business from anywhere and everywhere. 

Salon owners who are looking to advance their business by reaching clients on time, generating new leads, and streamlining salon workflow like a pro, keep reading.

Appointment booking was never easier

  • Milano salon spa software comes with an extremely user-friendly appointment booking interface.
  • You have the option to sort out appointments by day, week, and month on a single dashboard.
  • Book, modify or cancel appointments on the go, the simple navigation will guide you.
  • Take advantage of the unique text message reminder feature to send out appointment-related notifications to your clients. 

In-depth business reports to track your revenue sources

  • Access real-time service performance reports 
  • Track your best selling services and KPIs 
  • Real-time view of employee data – staff productivity, the star performer of the month, and service time required by each stylist.
  • Get all the analytics you need in one place – monthly sales, top-performing services, products, etc.

Strengthen your customer relationship management

  • Stay on top of your customers’ list sending out personalized promotions, emails, and offers.
  • Come up with unique loyalty and reward programs to motivate your clients.
  • Milano CRM system lets you incorporate customized gift cards that are redeemable both online and in person.
  • Take your lead generation practices to the next level, tracking and making segmentations for prospects, existing clients, and fresh leads.

Unleash the power of point of sale system

  • Elevate your brand identity by generating customizable and detailed receipts.
  • Opt for any hardware component that you need; cash drawers, printer, smart card reader, and barcode scanner.
  • Seamless POS system integration to your retail business.
  • Manage your inventory, productivity, and profitability effectively.

Bonus tip: Play it by the ear, keep track of the news updates while you still prepping for a glorious reopening. Hang in there and do the best you can to pass these unprecedented times. Research and educate yourself as much as you can about the new salon industry trends to stay up to date.

Technology is changing everything from the way you communicate with clients, make new appointments and manage your staff. Take the path of innovation to meet the current beauty industry standards and better serve your clients. 

We’re here to guide you through from start to finish. Work smarter but not harder with Milano Software simplifying each task. Get started with a FREE consultation with one of our salon management software experts.