1What is Milano Software?
Milano Software offers a managing software system for your business. From bookings, appointment scheduling, to staff productivity and customer relation management, Milano is guaranteed to handle the management side of your business.
2What kind of business is your software compatible with?
Milano Software fits any kind of business. Specialized in spa, medispa and salon, Milano is also adaptable to a range of industries including but not limited to: fitness centers, small businesses, tattoo parlors, dentistry, clinics, pet groomers and much more.
3What is the difference between the Salon and Spa versions?
The three key differences between the Salon and Spa are that Spa will book services by both service providers and resources/rooms. Spa allows Package Booking and has an additional document Form Link to capture greater client detail.
4Do you have software for multi locations? With the ability to book appointments from one location to another easily?
Yes. The Head Office software delivers uniformity, efficiency, scalability and reliability to its users at all levels. Our software entails the following features: • Centralized Client Management System • Comparative Financial Reporting and Analysis • Staff Management • Performance analysis at all levels including region, store, management and staff • Payroll Management • Goal Setting and Tracking at all levels including region, store, management and staff • Data Mining • Centralized Marketing Systems • Business Forecasting Tools • Inventory control and distribution • Gift Card sharing • Client Sharing • Loyalty point system
5Does the software run on a MAC?
Yes. Provided your MAC has either Parallels or Bootcamp and still requires the Microsoft Windows 8 0r 10 Pro Operating System.
6Do you have a program for single or independent operators?
Yes. The SalonLite version is ideal for those individuals looking for a system to manage their bookings, clientele and inventory. Plus it gives the option to email clients birthday greeting, referral thank you’s new client follow-ups and targeted emails.
7Does your software include marketing, online booking and texting?
Yes. You can add these additional modules to your core Salon, Spa or Medi Spa programs. Online Booking is great providing your clients the option to book appointments 24/7 through your website. The SMS Texting Appointment Reminders reduce no shows and cancellations.
8Do I have easy access to see my system when I'm not at the venue of the business?
There are several methods to access your system when you are not at your business. Using a remote tool such as Log Me In gives you full access to your program and the new Mobile App’s; Viewer and Booker give you access to see your appointments and/or to book appointments from your mobile device.
9Can I add more computers or workstations as my business grows?
Yes, you can easily add computers or workstations by purchasing Additional User Licenses. As your business grows adding extra computers helps keep the front desk free for clients. Making for a wow experience.
10Can the staff see their schedules on the go?
Yes, staff can see as a view only and also have the ability to make, change, and edit appointments if you choose to subscribe to this service.
11Will your software grow with my business?
Our goal is to help you grow your business; our software continuously grows with your business.
12Do you offer credit card integration?
Yes, we have partnered with select credit card merchants, please speak to your sales representative for more details.
13Do you have an accounting bridge?
Yes, we take pride in being the only company that allows you to integrate your accounting program to our software.
14Can I remote the software from home?
Yes, you have the ability to remote in from anywhere in the world through Microsoft remote.
15Do you have re occurring billing?
Yes, we offer the occurring billing.
16Do you have on account?
Yes, you can offer this option to clients.
17Can I use an iPad at the location?
Yes, we have mobile applications available.
18Do you have express check in?
Express check in is available and free for clients on support.
19Do you offer on going training for our staff?
Yes, we offer ongoing training to help your staff grow along with your business.
20Do I need the Internet to run your system?
You do not need Internet to use our program. If you would like to be in touch with your clients via email, you will need the Internet.
21How do I know if I’m on a recent version of the software? How do I upgrade?
If you are on our Support and Upgrades service, please call technical support to check your version and they will book an upgrade appointment with you if necessary.
22Where can I take training classes?
We offer online webinars as well as other training options for you to learn more about your Milano software. When you are on our Support and Upgrades service you can take our Business Builder Webinars for free!
23Could you please send me a manual?
You may access the User Manual by going to the Main Menu and selecting the User Manual button in the links section.
24When is the next Milano Exchange?
Once Milano Exchange is available, we will send out notifications to our clients and also add the information to our web site.
25Can my clients book multiple appointments at once through on line booking?
Clients will need to book multiple services separately unless those services are set up as a group service in data setup/ service set up area of the software initially (i.e. If haircut and color is coded at set up as one service, or in the spa version a group of services is set up as a package then those services could be booked at one time but if the codes are not packaged then client will need to book individually.
26What happens when my 90 days of free technical support expires?
When the 90 days of free support expire, the credit card information on the submitted Registration form goes into our automated billing cycle and is used to process the payment for the upcoming month. To cancel support, we require a written notification which must be submitted with a 30 day notice. We recommend that clients stay on support and utilize all the available benefits.
27How do I get new upgrades?
If you are enrolled in Milano support, you are automatically eligible for the latest upgrade. To schedule an upgrade appointment, please contact our technical support team at 800 667-1596 Option 1. If you are not on support, please contact our sales team at 800 667-1596 for an upgrade quote or to sign up on a support contract.
28Can clients purchase gift certificates online?
Yes, we provide both online gift certificates as well as physical ones. Ask your sales representative for more details.
29Can I run the software on an ipad?
The software can be accessed through an IPAD through our mobile booking application, but the software operates on a computer or portable hard drive with minimum requirements. Ask your sales representative to forward you the document of requirements.


1I have an incorrect amount of cash left in my drawer during reconciliation after paying gratuity to my staff. What should I do?
Cash gratuity should be paid to the staff after the cash drawer/till has been reconciled. After performing end-of-day reconciliation for cash and the counted amount matches the expected amount, the gratuity amount in cash can then be removed and distributed to the staff.
2I see a star symbol (*) next to the client’s name in the Appointment Book. What does that mean?
One star (*) represents a new client. Two stars (**) represents a walk-in client.
3When I look at a client’s history I see items in red, blue, green and black. What do they mean?
• Red indicates a retail item purchase. • Blue indicates a service purchase. • Green indicates a gift certificate purchase. • Black indicates a service series purchase.
4I added a staff member in the staff profile but they’re not showing up in the Appointment Book. What do I do?
• Close and re-open the Appointment Book to refresh the appointment book. • Try zooming out on the Appointment Book to see if they are just off the screen. • Make sure the staff member has the Has Appointments checkmark enabled in their Staff Profile.
5How do I reverse a Petty Cash transaction?
Enter the exact same Petty Cash transaction with a negative amount.
6I am getting the ‘exceeded number of users/licenses’ error. What should I do?
To fix this, you will need to reboot the server machine to release any licenses. However, before rebooting the server, make sure that you close out of the software on all other workstation computers. Rebooting the server machine releases any licenses that are ‘stuck’. Also make sure to close out of the software when switching between multiple Windows users on the same machine.
7I made a mistake with a transaction. Can I edit the receipt instead of voiding the transaction?
It is recommended to void the transaction and re-enter as this is properly tracked in various logs within the software. The details when editing a receipt are not completely logged and therefore not tracked for reference should any discrepancy arise. Editing a receipt should be done at your own risk, or only with the guidance of a Milano Support Representative. Finally, not all transactions can be edited. Transactions including party, series, gift cards, or those processed with credit card integration enabled cannot be edited.
8How do I add/select my new report printer?
Main Menu > System Management > System Profile > System Info. Click on the drop down menu beside Reports and choose your printer.
9How do I query a gift card balance?
• From the Main Menu, click CRM. • In the CRM screen, click the Reports button. • Click the Query Gift Certificate button. • Type or scan the number on the gift into the Gift Certificate Number field. Looking up the balance of an outstanding gift card • Click the Query button. Note 1: If the gift card has not been sold you will see a message saying that it is not an outstanding number. Note 2: If you are running the Corporate version with Gift Card Sharing enabled, you also have the ability to query gift cards sold at other locations.
10I made a mistake adding the wrong amount to a gift certificate. How can I change the amount?
First void the previous gift card transaction, then re-issue the same gift certificate with the correct amount.
11MilanoApp is not bringing up my Appointment Book, or not bringing up the staff list to access any of their Appointment Books. What do I do?
• Windows 7: Click the Start button. • In the Search bar at the bottom type services.msc and hit the Enter key. This should bring up the Services list. • In the Services list scroll down to find Milano Web Service. • Right-click Milano Web Service and choose Start or Restart. Only one or the other will be clickable. • Windows 10: Click the Start button. • Just start typing services.msc and Windows will automatically do a search. Hit the Enter key to bring up the Services list. • In the Services list scroll down to find Milano Web Service. • Right-click Milano Web Service and choose Start or Restart. Only one or the other will be clickable.