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3 Easy-to-Implement Valentine’s Day Promo Ideas

Valentine’s day – a day for love, chocolates and roses. Don’t be surprised by the overwhelming colour of red plastered everywhere. Believe it or not, in the United States alone, sales account for $20.7 billion on Valentine’s day in 2019. That’s a whole billion extra from the previous year (that’s not a typo). So how can you capture a sliver of that, in to attract more sales and clients through the door?

Here are 3 easy-to-implement ways to get the ball rolling.


A way to appeal customers and clients is by creating custom-valentine’s-day-themed packages. This is especially recommended for spa based businesses where you can offer bundled services specifically geared towards couples. Any package that encourages couples to spend quality time together or enables them to break from their daily routine, will be a hands down winner.

Alternatively, for beauty salons, you can host a single ladies night all the while featuring a blow out or styling service to accompany the night. Hosting an event will allow you to create more of a tribe for your business which strengthens the community, hence increases the sense of belonging and loyalty. It’s a sure way to keep your existing customers always coming back.

For retail storefronts, why not decorate your store to follow a Valentine’s day theme? You can also bundle products and package them in a gift basket in order to encourage potential customers to gift it to loved ones.


There’s nothing more rewarding than having clients feel a sense of appreciation. When you reverse the role and offer valentine’s day themed gifts for your clients instead, it will strengthen and further nurture the relationship with them. This in turn enforces your brand and will make your business the go-to for these customers, who are much more likely to add fuel to the “word-of-mouth” fire.

Best of it is, you don’t have to break the bank. Something as simple as a small box of chocolates with a rose and a heartfelt handwritten note will just be as impactful as any other gift. The personal touch is what’s important here. So the more sentimental, the better.


Gift cards are an easy avenue to bump up your sales. Extra bonus points if those cards are Valentine’s day themed tied with a personal note or message. Not only would this be a good opportunity to capture some last minute shoppers, but it’s also very easy to distribute. Additionally, it can bring in new customers, adding more to your roster.