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Two Ways Your Salon/Spa Can PASSIVELY Gain New Clients

What does that title mean anyway? How can anyone passively gain new clients? Is that even possible? Believe it or not, it sure is! You can start gaining new clients with minimal “man power” to actually get your brand name out there. This means you’ll no longer rely on the word of mouth (well, sort of), you’ll no longer need to rely on attending expensive conferences and fairs to attract new clientele, and you’ll no longer have to splurge thousands of dollars on magazine ads or ad space.

Does it sound too good to be true?

We’ll be honest with you! While the tactics we’ll share with you is an excellent and efficient way to gain new clients with very little effort on your part, it does not mean that it’s automatic. You would still need to front load the work ahead of time, however, once that’s put in place you’ll be reaping the benefits in no time.

So without further ado, here are the strategies we highly recommend…


1 – Gift Cards, Gift Cards, Gift Cards: 

We cannot stress how effective this tactic is. When you offer gift cards (either electronic or physical), you’re enabling your current customers to act as “mini influencers” by handing off your service as a gift to their loved ones. This can cause a ripple effect if done tactfully. Gift cards are a guaranteed way to spread the word and get new blood to your business, and the best of it yet, it’s advocated by an already existing customer, which makes it all the more powerful. People generally trust family and friends recommendations, more than an ad, online review or anything else. And that’s why this method is insanely effective. But there are many other benefits of gift cards as well, like:

  1. It helps build your brand awareness and creates a more powerful approach to building your business name. This is due to the fact that you’re usually able to create your own design, add in your own colours and logo on the gift card, which only reinforces your brand.
  2. It improves cash flow because it’s an easier purchase decision to make. As a matter of fact, it’s been reported that gift cards have accounted to $22 billion in sales in the U.S. alone in 2019. That’s BILLION with a B.
  3. Gift cards grabs a bigger share for holiday sales, and with the holiday season coming around, everyone is in the mindset of buying gifts.
  4. If you’re opting for electronic gift cards, then you have a higher chance of expanding to other folks who do not often pass by the area or neighbourhood your store is based at. Which means your exposure increases.
  5. It gives you access to analytics and important data, to help give you a better understanding of your market and who is more inclined to purchase your products and services.

Milano actually offers gift cards for your business, both electronic and physical. We custom create designs that’s specifically tailored to your business as well. If you’re interested to learn more about it, you can click here. 


2 – Creating an Email Funnel: 

If you’re not familiar with this term, we’ll break it down for you. An email funnel is a series of automated emails to be sent out to your email list over an extended period of time, with the goal of nurturing the relationship with your subscribers in an attempt to convert them into an actual paying customer. While this usually works overtime, it’s impactful because it’s a “set it forget it” approach to attracting new clients.

Here’s how it’s done:

1.You create a freebie and post it online. This freebie can be a quiz, a video tutorial, or a PDF guide. Some examples include:

  • Quiz: What Hair Type Are You?
  • Video tutorial: At Home Hair Tutorial
  • PDF Guide: 5 Affordable Skincare Regimens You Have to Try

The point is you want to create an irresistible freebie that urges a viewer to click and download. However, in order for them to obtain your freebie, they would need to exchange their email address.

2. Focus on building your email list. Make sure to post your freebie (or also referred to as “lead magnet”) on your website, social media pages and you can even pay a small fee for facebook or instagram ads to boost the presence.

3. Set up a series of automated emails to be sent out to your email list on a weekly basis. However, these emails should exclusively be offering value to your list of subscribers rather than being promotional. For example this is what your email sequence could look like:

  • Week 1: The freebie they opted for
  • Week 2: An introduction about your business and what they should be expecting from subscribing to your list
  • Week 3: At home hair care guide
  • Week 4: Easy hassle-free hair braid tutorials
  • Week 5: Offer a discount code on one of your services for new customers

This tactic basically butters potential customers up, to get them to come to you rather than have you chasing after them. It’s no different than dating. Your potential leads get to be a little more familiar with your salon or spa, which makes them more eager to book with you, especially that they feel valued because you’ve been consistently emailing them with helpful advice.



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