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This ONE Tactic Will Double Your Business Holiday Sales

December – the season of giving, Christmas carols, lit up trees, stuffed stockings and marshmallow covered hot chocolate. There’s a reason why the holiday season is so hot for businesses. People are actively looking for gifts and in the mindset of being eager to purchase.

So how can your own salon, spa or business get in on the action by spreading the holiday cheer, all the while, doubling your holiday sales and upping your revenue?

We have one very simple tactic that could:

  • Gain your business exposure
  • Reach wider audiences
  • Showcase your retail products
  • Strengthens your business credibility

Ready for it? DRUM ROLL….


It’s by creating your own holiday gift guide. 


Gift guide? What’s that?!


Basically a gift guide is a brochure-like booklet that enlists an array of “gift ideas” for the customer’s inspiration. The best of it is that you can showcase your retail products or services and theme them in different categories to hit on different demographics. For example:

  • Gift Ideas for Mom
  • Gift Ideas for Dad
  • Gift Ideas for the Make Up Lover
  • #GirlBoss Gift Ideas

This tactic is a win-win because not only are you showcasing YOUR STORE products, but you’re also positioning your business as a go-to for whatever theme you decide on creating. This further strengthens your positioning within your intended pool of audience. This is a sure way to attract the exact kind of clientele your salon or spa is after.

Basically, your gift guide becomes a marketing tool for your business and is perceived as ‘valuable’ by your clientele since you’re eliminating the process of them having to think of gift ideas themselves (which we all know is generally the most exhausting process of getting someone a gift).


Now before we lose you, we feel there are generally best practices in creating your holiday gift guide and making sure it’s promoted effectively to reach your audience. So generally you can do one of two things:

You can either create the guide and distribute it yourself


You can pitch your gift guide to established publications. 


Typically, you’d need to do some research ahead of time and list down some of the top publications you know your clientele are likely to be reading. After creating your guide, reach out to said publications in hopes of publishing your guide.

This is beneficial for several reasons:

  1. You’ll be able to expand to a bigger audience since you’re reeling readers in
  2. Your authority and credibility is being built. That’s not to mention the fact that you can publicly say you’re a published business.
  3. This allows you to capture more potential clients and leads


Another thing worth mentioning is that your guide needs to be carefully assembled and curated. It should not be a dumping ground for all your products and services, rather, it needs to be intentional by showcasing:

  • Your best-sellers
  • Products/services that align with current top market trends
  • Highly reviewed products


We also advise adding some reviews or testimonials in there so people know what to expect and be drawn in by the benefits they’re reading from others. The really good news here is that your gift guide can capture more of the market if you’re effective in targeting gift shoppers, and not just to your existing customers.

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