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September 17, 2019

Keeping Your Salon Busy in the Sizzling Summer

Summer is upon us and with this buzzing season coming we’ve gathered the best tips and tricks to stay one step ahead and keep your clients happy! Hibernation mode has run out and people are getting out of their hideaways as the sun comes up and the city streets get filled. This could be a double-edged sword though. While some salons thrive all year round, others can experience a summer slump resulting from clients going out of town for vacations. Here are some of our tips to keep your business energized and pumping…


Capitalize on Summer Services

Summer season easily translates to people storing their boots and closed shoes in their basement or attic. Those toes are about to be flashed, so why not offer a mani/pedi promotion? You’ll give them more of a reason to walk around flaunting their beautifully groomed feet. While you’re at it, get in touch with a flip-flop retailer and provide a cross promotion. Getting the support of another business increases your exposure, which in turn can turn into leads. You can focus on other summer-related services as well. Humidity is no friend to hair, so hone in on that. Offering a discount on a blow-out, can do your business wonders. And you know your client will be happy that you were able to tame that hair of theirs.


Pair a Service with a Free Product

Pairing a service with a free product can be an ultimate giveaway reeling clients in. There’s nothing clients love more than to hear that something is FREE. It’s your buzz word and makes your clients’ experience all the more engaging. This can also be a good way to rid yourself of inventory that is no longer needed. Two birds, one stone (not that we encourage bird killing!). Women tend to be a bit more daring with their colors come summer season, so offering a free nail polish product with the purchase of a manicure will only be a win-win. You managed to close a service and your client walks away happy with a product they’re fulfilled with. You want to make sure to offer a giveaway that will be useful to them. A typical USB or branded pen is not your way to go because it holds no value to your customer. Nail polish would!


Don’t Shy Away from Community Service (and be public about it!) 

Benefiting your community will only put you up a positive pedestal. You’ll feel great about yourself and this brands your business as opposed to being perceived as any other salon. Perhaps offer free hair cuts at recruiting agencies to people who are trying to interview for a job. You’re building their confidence and can possibly get them walking into your store in the future for a paid service. You can also set up a small booth in the middle of the street offering free grooming service to the homeless. In this time and age, everyone owns a phone. Don’t be surprised when you get an influx of people capturing photos, videos and sharing your good deeds on social media. This helps with the word of mouth but more importantly, you’re supporting your community!


Lengthen Your Store Hours in the Weekend

You want to accommodate people’s schedules and with the majority of the population having a 9-5 job, the weekend is the best bet to got those clients in your store. Keeping your salon open for longer hours during the weekend increases the likelihood of getting customers. There’s nothing easier than a client walking away or jumping to your competition just because you weren’t open. Gain customer loyalty by being as accommodating as you possibly can.



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