MilanoRetail is the Software for You

MilanoRetail covers all your daily operations including: your inventory
management, customer relationship management, point of sale and more.

What the software does

To efficiently run your retail front, you'll be able to stay ahead of your bookings and keep track of your income/expense reports as well as having the ability to create and monitor promotional campaigns, loyalty programs and keep little important details about your customer, to make sure they keep coming back.

Here's what it can do for you...

These are some of the features that will maximize your business operations


Milano Retail

what it entails

  • Matrix Based Inventory Files
  • Bulk Pricing Markdown Wizard
  • Touchscreen and Barcode Scanner Ready
  • Security Card (SmartCard Technology)
  • Gift Card Tracking & Processing
  • Client Relation Management
  • SQL Based Data Base Engine
  • Wireless Physical Inventory Counts
  • Reporting Engine
  • Individualized Staff Goal Setting & Tracking
  • Client Loyalty Rewards Program
  • Profit Center - Real Time
  • mBackUp

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