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October 31, 2019
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HOW (& Why) Should Your Salon/Spa Participate in Black Friday

Black Friday is a growing and emerging market – EVEN for the beauty industry as well. There are massive opportunities here, especially considering that people are already in purchasing mode, which will make your job all the more easier. The major benefit, from a business owner perspective, is that you can utilize either your storefront, or you can take it online so you can reach further to the masses.


It’s been reported that about 51 million people have shopped in stores, while 58 million have shopped online for Black Friday.


Imagine capturing just a fraction of that. Online shopping is now bigger than ever, and with the boom of the likes of Amazon, this has forever shifted the way people buy and impact their purchasing decisions.

So how can you use this to your business’s advantage? We’ll share actionable tips on how you can both utilize your salon/spa and online methods to increase your service and retail sales in order to bring that revenue up!




Gift Cards

Gift cards are convenient and require very little decision-making on the customer’s part. Which is why this is fitting to an occasion like Black Friday. Another major benefit is that it doesn’t shackle the customer, since gift cards are typically more open-ended to be applied on your store’s select products or services, which gives your customer a wider range to choose from. Everything boils down to the ease and convenience that a gift card offers to a customer. Which is why it becomes a no-brainer to them, ultimately enabling them to reach for their wallets faster.

The good news is that Milano offers a gift card module that can be easily transferred to your business. You can click here to find out more about it. 


Look Through Old Inventory & Repackage

This tactic actually hits two birds with one stone. Why? Because you’re cleansing your space from unwanted items and making a buck off it too. This will help keep your storefront organized and structured, all the while introducing a new revenue stream which would have otherwise ended up in the trash had you thrown all that equipment out. But we have to warn, we recommend utilizing this strategy with caution. If you do not repackage in a way that seems professional, it could be perceived that you’re ridding equipment at a fraction of the cost no differently than a garage sale. So this tip has to be dealt with responsibly. We recommend packaging it all up in display baskets or gift wrapping to make it look high quality (and not like a hand-me-down).


Bundling Products/Services

Take a look through your retail products and services and see how you can bundle or pair them up to provide a unique experience that you probably wouldn’t have otherwise on another typical day. When you mix and match, not only are you enabling your customer’s to make that purchasing decision quicker, but this can also be a technique to get them hooked on a product they haven’t tried before – which can lead them to being a repeat customer. This is a positive gateway to get repeat customers through a Black Friday bundled deal.




eGift Cards

You can either offer physical or electronic gift cards. At the end of the day, the outcome is the same. However, the major benefit that an electronic gift card offers is that you can reach to an even wider audience and this proves potential customers the ease of buying from the comfort of their own home.


Discount Retail Products

You can upload your retail products online and encourage customers to purchase from there. They will be much more encouraged when they feel like they’re getting a good bargain, so by clearly displaying your products online and revealing the original price versus the discounted price, they will be more tempted to purchase. Similarly to a previous point, you can also bundle specific products together that could offer a more enhanced customer experience. For example, if you’re a salon, you can create a haircare bundle package (i.e. colour, cut & blow dry with prescribed shampoo, conditioner and treatment) or a skincare bundle (i.e. facial mask treatment with appropriate home care cleanser, toner and cream). This loops back to you because the more convenience you offer customers, the more impressed they become and keeps them coming back for more.

With Milano Commerce, you can actually keep your entire inventory in check and synchronized with your sales, revenues, etc. To get on the waitlist for this product, click here. 

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