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How to Get New Salon + Spa Clients on AUTOPILOT

For any salon, spa or just a general business to thrive, clients and customers are consistently needed on an on-going basis. The difference between a business that’s “getting by” and a business that’s profitable with healthy revenues, are two things: marketing and putting in place a systematic strategy to attract clients on autopilot without the heavy reliance on word-of-mouth or referrals. In this post, we’ll breakdown a step by step process to show how to put forth that system so that you’re no longer chasing after clients, but rather have them chase you…


Define Your Niche


Far too many businesses fall into the trap of trying to appeal to the masses, thinking that they’re getting a bigger market share. In reality, when you try to attract anyone and everyone, you’ll end up attracting no one at all. Alternatively, the more specific you are with your niche and target market, the more likely you’ll blow up your business and only work with the dream clients you’re after who are willing to pay top dollar for your service. Say goodbye to the bargain shoppers and discount junkies.

So identify exactly who it is you’re after, but it’s also crucial to dive in their psychology i.e. what motivates them? what do they do in their spare time? what are their values? beliefs? The more you understand your dream client, the better you’ll be able to perfect your skills and polish your services to exclusively attract them. And the more niche and targeted you are, the more likely that your dream customers will value your service.

For example, salons that specialize in African-American hair will ultimately exclusively attract African-American women who would be willing to pay extra for someone who’s experienced in working with their texture of hair. Similarly, you can implement this in your own services. Rather than being the salon or spa that “does it all”, niche it down to one thing like: bridal styling or cuts only – that way, you’ll position your business as the “go-to” for whatever service you’re offering.


Have a Social Media Presence

Everyone is on social media. It’s no question it’s shaped how we communicate, consume content and develop relationships. The beauty of social media is that not only is it free and highly accessible, but it’s one of the best ways to build a community around your business and have a two-way communication with your followers or subscribers.

If your salon or spa does not have any social media presence, it’s not to say that you wouldn’t be able to operate as a successful business, however, social media will shorten that track to growth and make it much faster.

Nowadays, people don’t check websites, magazine or newspaper ads nearly as close to the amount of times they check social media. So you would be missing on a number of opportunities if you don’t take your social media as seriously as other aspects in your business.

The more you show up online and create content that hits the hammer on the nail for your dream customers, the more you’ll be able to create a tribe of fans around your business.


Become a Resource 


While social media is all well and great, it’s pointless if you’re posting or creating content without a strategy. Don’t fall in the loop of creating content blindly, post your content, not rank in the engagement you’re after then end up frustrated. If you have a strategy in place, you’ll give intention to the kind of content that you’re posting. Which falls to this next point and that is to become a resource for your dream clients.

That’s why it’s absolutely monumental for you to define your niche and identify who your dream customers are. When you understand your dream customers, you’ll know what kind of content pieces to create and post online to allow them to resonate with it.

So this is the effective action plan:

  • Identify your dream customer
  • Interview them and write down a list of their daily struggles and annoyances
  • Create content that will address those struggles and provide solutions

The more you offer value and become your dream customer’s “best friend”, the more your business will become top of mind and valued!


Offer a Freebie

After you’ve developed your social media presence and become strategic with your content, it’s time to take your relationship with your followers to the next level. This is what’s known as “lead generation” and this is the first step towards converting an “admirer” to an actual paying customer.

Once you’ve tested out your content pieces online and get a better idea what’s performing well vs. what isn’t, you’ll be able to narrow down a freebie that will be irresistible to your potential customers.

Generally a freebie, or also known as a “lead magnet” is an incentive to offer to your audience in exchange of their email address.

Some lead magnet examples include:

  • An interactive quiz: people love learning new stuff about themselves. You can create a hair, styling or meditation quiz to help your dream customers find out a new little fact about themselves. Click here for an example.
  • An exclusive video tutorial: instead of uploading video tutorials on Youtube for the public, you can make it exclusive so you can filter a list of very targeted people. Again, think about what your clients are struggling with and create a tutorial that helps them solve said problem.
  • A downloadable PDF guide: you can create a PDF file that your audience can download for free that contains information that will be deemed useful to them. For instance, we found amongst our clients that one of the common struggles is understanding how to use Instagram for business. Which is why we created this free guide that addresses that exact issue.

Instagram Guide


Nurture the Relationship by Email 

Once you’ve created your lead magnet and people have signed up to your email list, it’s time to nurture the relationship via email. This is commonly known as an “email funnel”. An email funnel is a series of automated emails that’s sent out to your subscribers over an extended period of time. This is how you convert subscribers into loyal clients.

With a noisy and oversaturated market, this is how you’ll be able to differentiate your business from the rest.

When you take that extra mile and develop a relationship with your subscribers by continuously emailing them valuable information, you’re warming them up and gradually making them much more invested in your business. This allows them to feel that it’s an open two-way communication rather than just being bombarded with ads.

The good news is that you would be able to implement this with Milano Software. The software has an email feature that allows you to create newsletters, automatically set up birthday e-blasts and even send out appointment reminders (to reduce no shows).

Take a demo sneak peak by clicking here. 


Make your Pitch  


Now that you’ve created your social media presence, became a resource to your audience, developed your freebie and built a rapport with your email funnel, it’s now time to make your pitch! This usually comes in the end of your funnel.

Your pitch can be an exclusive promo or simply listing your services and offers. The bottom line is, without a pitch, it will be a slower process to convert them into clients that walk in your business door. Do not assume that your subscribers know what you do or provide. You must be vocal about it.

Bonus points if you embed online booking with your email pitch to secure that client and lock it down then and there. With Milano’s online booking module, you can easily achieve this hassle free, without the back and forth of scheduling. You set your availabilities and have clients book you depending on your business’s schedule. 






So now you’re aware of the exact blueprint on how to generate prospect clients completely on autopilot: 

  1. Define your exact niche and think of only one type of person to serve
  2. Dominate social media and learn everything there is to know about it
  3. Become a resource and an outstanding content creator to start attracting the dream clients you’re after
  4. Create a lead magnet or a freebie to unlock another layer to the follower to subscriber to client relationship
  5. Further nurture that relationship by implementing an email funnel and set up automated emails to blast out to them periodically
  6. Make your pitch at the end to finally rope that client in 

The beauty of that process is that 60% of it is completely automated and filters down to ONLY attract the kind of clientele that you want your business to work with.


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