Business Management



Taking care of your staff is essential. They help run your business.


Managing your customers can be quite a task. A Customer Relationship Management tool can help you remember every detail about them and add a personal touch to their visits


Keeping track of all your stock takes a lot of organization. Milano Software makes sure you know what you've got and what you need


The key to running your business successfully involves having the right numbers. Sales and booking numbers let you know how well your business is doing

Real-Time Dashboard

Get live up-to-the-second statistics about profits, sales and staff goals

Loyalty & Rewards

Reward your clients for referrals, birthdays and much more. Don't forget to set up a rewards program for your employees to give them an incentive to work harder

Key Business Management Features

Optimized Client Search

Looking for a client but can only remember partial details? Milano Software will help you find who you're looking for

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Optimized Client Search

Searching can't get any easier. Our OPTIMIZED algorithm lets you search based on specific criteria to narrow down the results


Loyalty Points System

Clients love being rewarded. Give points for money spent and for special occasions

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Loyalty Points System

Reward clients for referrals, birthdays, specific services or products and give new clients an incentive to become a valued customer. Don't forget about your employees. You can set up a rewards program for them too!

Gift Card Tracking

Track gift cards across all your stores and quickly check balances

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Gift Card Tracking

Gift cards are great to have. They make the perfect gift for anyone and give you the opportunity to gain potential clients

Inventory Management

Track item stock, transfer inventory from store to store, group items by category and create personalized barcode labels

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Inventory Management

Automatically create purchase orders based on past sales history to make sure you're always fully stocked


Live Statistics

Receive live up-to-the-second information about sales, profits and booking details

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Live Statistics

It's important to know how well your business is doing every step of the way. Milano Software even lets you go back in time to see how much you've improved

Staff Management

Flexible scheduling options allow you to optimize staff scheduling. Monitor and plan staff production goals to increase revenue

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Staff Management

Monitoring your staff is essential. But optimizing how they work is even better. Set goals for them to reach and review them later. Milano Software even lets you accommodate split shifts and commissions

More Business Management Features

  • Optimized Client Search
  • Loyalty Points System
  • Individualized Performance Reporting and Statistics
  • Lookup Client Sales History From Other Locations
  • Email Campaigns
  • Customizable Receipt Layout and eReceipts
  • Gift Card Tracking
  • Financial Reporting
  • Sales Analytics
  • Professional and Retail Product Tracking
  • Automated back order system for Low Inventory Items

Business Management Modules

Check out our additional modules available for purchase:

Smart Card Access Security System: Secure information without passwords.

Accounting Bridge: Import all sales, tax, cash and inventory information directly into your accounting software.

Advanced Reporting Module: Get Daily Staff Performance and Marketing Analytics.

mBackup: Automated online backup and recovery service.

Hotel Integration: Connect Milano Software directly to the Property Management Software and allow clients to charge services to their room.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI): Place purchase orders directly with your suppliers.


Booking Centre

Customer Service Comes First

  • Rewards & Loyalty Management

    Reward your clients using our advanced customer loyalty program

  • Customer Referral Tracking

    Keep tabs on your top referrers

  • Special Events Communication Management

    Send your clients invitations to special events

  • Full CRM

    Manage all of your clients in one place


  • Pet Groomers

    Create and Manage Codes

    Have full control over your codes, whether they're for services or products

  • Booking Centre

    Automatically Create Purchase Orders

    If any stocked items are running low, Milano Software will automatically create a purchase order to send to your supplier

  • Booking Centre

    Automatic Product Depletion

    Manually recording inventory is a thing of the past. With the automatic product depletion feature, Milano Software reduces the inventory of a particular product when a service is performed.


Booking Centre

Live Tracking System

  • Sales vs. Goals

    Compare your goals to your actual sales

  • Appointment Statistics

    Check the number of scheduled or available spots as well as total appointments for any time frame

  • Labor Costs

    Check how much you've spent paying your employees

  • Sales and Booking Forecasting

    Get all the information you need to accurately predict future sales


Booking Centre

Credit & Debit Card Integration

Milano Software can integrate all your payments from any major credit card or debit card, and deposit the funds right into your existing bank account. Client payment is approved in seconds, and payment information is shown on the same receipt as sales items (separate processor receipt also printed). Most importantly, you won’t miss those reconciliation errors and manual paperwork.


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Milano develops software for Booking and Reservation systems as well as Retail stores (Point of Sale software).

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