The Initial Contact

Upon getting initial contact your journey into Booking Lifecycle Management begins. Book your appointments with confidence knowing your abilities will be on show to your clients and not your software.

Input booking into Milano Software

Easily input all booking information. The more information you are able to input, the better the results will be for the client.

Add notes needed to fulfill appointments

Detailed notes are essential to fulfill any appointment. The more you know about the client, the better service you can offer.

Key Booking Features

Booking Notes

Add additional notes for a specific client's appointment

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Booking Notes

If a customer has special needs or has a particular preference, you can conveniently accommodate their needs

Prioritized Wait List

When there's not enough space to accommodate a client, put them on a waiting list

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Prioritized Wait List

Waiting lists are great since they give you the ability to service your clients without sending them somewhere else

Touchscreen Enhanced

Big buttons + Easy to use Interface = Booking made easy

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Touchscreen Enhanced

Using a mouse can be hard and if buttons are small, that's a big deal. Milano Software makes it easy to navigate and get you quickly from point A to B

Staff Booking

Flexible scheduling options allow you to optimize staff scheduling

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Staff Booking

You need to know who's working for you and when. Easily adjust staff schedules when an employee is away

Standing Appointments

Same time. Same place.

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Standing Appointments

We all have those clients that come in on a regular basis. Easily schedule their regular appointments when they want and how often they want

Resource Booking

One person per massage table? Make sure you've booked that!

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Resource Booking

Resources can't be used by everyone at the same time. When you schedule an appointment, make sure you've reserved anything that they need during that visit

More Booking Features

  • Booking Overlapping
  • Customizable Appointment Status
  • Pay for Multiple Clients in 1 Transaction
  • Printable Appointment Book and Client Card
  • Prioritized Waiting List
  • Automatically Find Next Available Time Slot
  • Control Staff Schedule and Display Availability on Book
  • Booking Notes
  • Standing Appointments
  • Enhanced for Touchscreen

Booking Modules

Check out our additional modules available for purchase:

Online Booking: Allow clients to book appointments through your website

Credit/Debit Integration: No more terminals and printers. Deposit funds straight into your bank account.


Booking Centre

Booking Software With Intelligence

  • Unlimited Appointments

    Have a large business with many clients? No problem.

  • Wait List Management

    Check if a time slot is available for the next person on the list

  • Quick & Easy Booking Creation

    Set up an appointment with ease!

  • Confirm & Notify

    Send appointment reminders to your clients

  • Walk-in Appointments

    Handle those last minute walk-in clients with no trouble

  • Quick Checkout

    Hassle-free payment system makes checking out a breeze


  • All Industries

    Milano Software adapts to all industries.

    Yes.....All industries that need appointment booking. Our software is intuitive enough to be flexible with all industries.

  • Pet Groomers

    Pet Groomers Love Us

    Really....Pet Groomers? Yes pet groomers. Any company can use our software. Just ask Brutus who enjoys his standing appointment every week.

  • Booking Centre

    Fitness Trainers

    Milano Booking Software is great for fitness trainers on the go. All you need is a laptop to book appointments for your clients

  • Booking Centre

    Dance Studios

    Do you run a dance class? We know you don't have unlimited space in your studio. Milano Software makes booking dance classes a breeze!


Booking Centre

Booking Software With Intelligence

  • Easy Integration

    Integrate Online Booking into your website with ease

  • Facebook Integration

    Integrate your online booking into Facebook

  • Book anyone, anytime

    Allow clients to choose from your staff or choose the next available slot

  • Fully Customizable Online Form

    Choose from our professionally designed templates or create your own


Booking Centre

Stack & Overlap Bookings

Traditional Booking Software limited booking one client per time slot but many businesses today need to book many clients at the same time. With Milano Booking Software, you're not limited to booking one person per time slot. Many of our clients hold classes which can have many participants. Milano Booking Software makes it easy for you to stack appointments. You can keep track of who's coming and if you have enough room to fit that last minute request.


Milano Software will be pleased to show you how our software can help your business grow. 
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Milano develops software for Booking and Reservation systems as well as Retail stores (Point of Sale software).

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