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5 Effective Strategies to Fill your Chair & Land Clients (for FREE)

We all know that clients and paying customers are the backbone of any successful business. But it can get weary and exhausting having to solely rely on word of mouth, or asking your friends and family to “spread the word”. That’s where marketing comes in. There’s a reason why marketing executives are paid the big bucks – because their strategies are highly effective in terms of ranking up new clients, increasing your business exposure and creating a momentum in your salon or spa. But here’s the caveat, marketing can be insanely expensive, drilling a hole in your pockets and wallets. So how do you actually land new clients without the worry of having a marketing budget? Here are 5 methods that are 100% free and tactful to fill up your chair…

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Testimonials not only builds your credibility but enforces your professional business image. As a matter of fact, it’s been stated that 90% of prospect customers read online reviews before making their purchase decisions and 85% read up to 10 reviews before actually trusting a business. So yes, reviews are extremely detrimental for your salon. However, it’s important that you make it a point to ask for the review. Client’s won’t intuitively think to submit a testimonial, yet, they will be glad to do so if you ask. We recommend sending them a well-worded email, at least 1 week after their visit, requesting a review submission and bonus points if you make it easy for them by including the links in there.

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Did you know that it’s a whole lot easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one? Which is why loyalty programs can be very effective if implemented the right way. When you reward loyalty through offering incentives, complimentary services, or discounts, you’re encouraging and driving that customer to come right back to your salon.

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Networking doesn’t have to feel as awkward or sleazy as you think. Quite the opposite, it can be one of the most organic ways to drive more business to your salon – and not to mention the fact that you create and nurture relationships with others in the industry. You don’t necessarily have to pay for a high-ticket trade show event. You can use free websites like MeetUp or even Facebook groups to expand your network and get introduced to prospects. The most important thing here though is to target events where POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS hang out at, not other stylists. Because if you’re consistently attending events with other stylists or salon owners, while it can be highly beneficial to have that additional contact in your roster, it will be much more effective to go to events where your ideal customers are at.




Instead of waiting for referrals, why not put a referral program in place that will encourage your existing customers to spread the word on your behalf. When you incentivize your customers, they will become so much more eager to pull friends and family, because there’s something in it for them. Promote your referral program by including it in your store signage, promote it on your website or social media channels and send out a mass email to your current client list to raise awareness about it.




Social media is on the rise, and there’s no slowing down. Better yet, it’s undeniable that prospect clients are active and using social media on a daily basis. By having a strong social media presence, you’ll be able to start attracting clients in your area – provided that you’re using social media tactfully and with strategy. Clients love to see before and after photos, behind the scenes and get to know you a little more personally and thankfully, these are all doable by utilizing social media as a community building platform.

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